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Rod's Landscapes specialises in artificial rockwork and sculpting, including:

Rocks / boulders
Caves / grottos / cliffs
Rock bars
Rock planters
Concrete trees
Rock steps
Rock retaining walls
Pool coping - both rock
and sandstone
Sculptured pavers

Having been involved in the landscape industry for over 25 years, Rod has evolved into a dynamic, well-rounded artificial rock specialist. His design style has been refined into what could only be called an 'art form'. Rod tackles issues in terms of scale, balance and colour on virtually every project, similar to that of an artist.

Rod started his career in the early 1980's as a structural landscaper. He went on to specialise in landscape creation learning the intricacies of artistic design and the orderly progression of construction.

With hundreds of completed landscape projects under his belt, Rod strived to set himself apart from the rest of the industry. To do that, Rod had to create a niche unlike anybody else. It was at this point, some 20 years ago, that he discovered the art of creating artificial rock for use in his landscape projects. He was no longer restricted by size or scale with the real rock he was accustomed to using. This started his experimentation with other elements for use in the landscape that were not typically common, i.e. artificial trees.

Rod has gone on to form his own niche market as a craftsman with attention to detail and creating world class designs from the ground up. Rod designs and sketches each job in graphic detail.

Having learned everything about construction and design first hand, Rod has insight others just don't have. Rod has an innate ability to create multi-dimensional design solutions that leave his clients and competitors in awe.

Rod also designs and constructs complete landscape packages including decking, gazebos, bridges, planting out, lighting etc. Rod is also experienced in general carpentry.

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